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Love is all around: Valentine's Day at M&S Food

However you’re celebrating, and whoever with, give Valentine’s Day some M&S magic with foodie treats, gourmet gifts, romantic blooms and wow-worthy recipes.

Breakfast in bed

Treat them to a Valentine’s brunch complete with heart-shaped crumpets and waffles.

Start the day right

Love struck

Connie and Colin are the original #couplegoals. Find them in store from 31 Jan.

The cutest caterpillars

Valentine's Day
Dine In

No reservation? No problem. Go all out with our Valentine's Dine In.

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M&S Recipes

Show them you care by showing off your culinary skills. We’ve got loads of perfect recipes.

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Sweet treats

Those with a sweet tooth will love our Peachy Whips and Puppy
Love Jellies.

Peachy keen

Keep it cute,
and cheeky

Our extra Cheek-y Chocs will put a smile on their face this
Valentine’s Day.

Let’s go

Love you very munch

Is it even Valentine’s Day without a chocolatey treat? Share with a loved one or enjoy them yourself.

Sounds good to me

Posh chocolates

Keep it classy with our stunning heart-shaped chocolate box.

Choose your favourite

Wonderful wine

Not that you need an excuse, but it’s a perfect time to pop a special bottle of wine.

Cheers to that

Fabulous flowers

Make their day with a bouquet of their favourite flowers – find them in store or online.

Bring on the blooms

Online treats

Surprise your beloved with brownies, Champagne or a hamper from our Valentine’s Day gifts collection.

Shop online now

Don't forget the card

Say it with a cute or cheeky Valentine’s Day card from our
great collection.

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Breakfast in bed

Nothing says 'Valentine's Day' like breakfast or brunch in bed. Treat them with heart-shaped crumpets and waffles, our You're Berry Cool Yumnut, lovely Love Gingerbread or adorable Red Velvet Love Note Cupcakes. Pick them all up from the in-store bakery at your local Foodhall.

Find your nearest store

Love struck

Everyone's favourite couple is back for Valentine's Day. The adorable half-size Colin and Connie the Caterpillars are made with our signature chocolate sponge, filled with rich chocolate buttercream, covered in milk chocolate and topped with heart decorations. Their white chocolate faces (one each, so no need to fight) even have cute red hearts on too.

Pick up this perfect pair in the Foodhall from 31 January.

Valentine's Day Dine In

It’s back and better than ever. Available in store from 9-14 February and on Ocado from 31 January, our Valentine’s Dine In deal includes a starter, main, side, dessert and a bottle of Prosecco, wine, or two soft drinks.

There are plenty of gluten-free options, vegan and vegetarian dishes, and non-alcohol drink choices too.

See the full menu

Treats for your sweet

Love is in the air with our Valentine's Day recipes. From romantic dinners for two to sweet treats for your sweetheart and fabulous treats to show your friends you love 'em, we've got everything you need to create a special meal.

See all Valentine's Day recipes

Peachy keen

If (Peachy) Whips and Jellies excite you, get yourself down to the Foodhall this Valentine’s Day. Our Peachy Whips are the sweetest treat for your sweet. Rich milk chocolate is filled with peach-flavour mallow and a raspberry flavour sauce. It’ll be love at first bite. Or pick up our adorable mix of Puppy Love Jellies, a loveable mix of fruit-flavour jelly dogs.

Cheeky chocolates

Keep it cute – and cheeky – this Valentine's Day, with ourfun and flirty emoji-shaped chocolates. Our Cheek-y Chocolates will put a smile on their face, or tuck into our Love You Very Munch mix, a super-moreish combo of chocolate-coated nuts, popcorn and pretzels. Sweeten up your evening in with I Looong for You, an adorable milk chocolate Walter the Sausage Dog with sugar-coated chocolate chips.

Oysters and jewels and chocolates... oh my

Our catch of the (Valentine’s) day, has to be our Shucks, You’re Amazing oyster shells: shimmering creamy milk chocolate filled with a sumptuous pistachio crème, presented with six gorgeous ginseng and honey truffle pearls.

And the jewels in the crown of our Valentine’s Day range are our Collection Hearts Full of Love, decorated milk and white chocolate hearts filled with a smooth and creamy salted blond ganache.

Life is like a box of chocolates

Treat them to a box of chocolates that’s as lovely as they are. Our stunning Collection Chocolates With Love box is packed with decorated milk, white and dark chocolates with a decadent mix of salted caramel, Marc de Champagne, strawberries and cream and double dark fillings.

Raise a glass

Say cheers to all the relationships in your life, romantic or otherwise. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get together with loved ones and share a bottle of something fabulous. Whether you want to pop the cork on a bottle of Champagne or Prosecco, love a perfectly pink glass of rosé, like to enjoy a cosy night in with a gorgeous glass of red or fancy a Galentine’s night with a wonderful bottle of white, we’ve got the perfect bottle for you.

Shop wine online

Roses are red

From traditional red roses to a radiant bouquet of tulips, find the perfect flowers for your Valentine at M&S, both in store and online. If you can’t be with them to celebrate, send beautiful blooms direct to their doorstep with free delivery by shopping online. Many of the arrangements can be paired with fizz or chocolates to make their gift even more special.

Shop Valentine’s flowers online

Hampers online

Surprise your beloved with our brownies in the post. Made with 70% cocoa dark chocolate in small batches, they’re cooked traditionally in trays to create the perfect caramelised crust which breaks through to a soft and gooey brownie centre. Your loved one will receive a mix in the post, with half topped with a white chocolate layer and raspberry pieces and the other half topped with miniature hearts.

Fizz more their thing? Treat them to a bottle of Champagne and chocolates from our Valentine’s Day gifts collection. Or go all out with a treats-filled hamper. We offer free nominated-day delivery on selected gift items.

Shop Valentine's gifts online


Whether you’re looking for a cute, romantic or silly Valentine’s Day card, our collection available in store will help you express love and friendship to everyone you care about, from your other half to your best friends and parents.

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Pocket-friendly, flavour-packed family dinner ideas from top chef Tom Kerridge.

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Valentines Day | Food To Order (2024)
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