A Vintage Valentine’s Day Making Victorian Dessert Recipes and Craft Ideas — Under A Tin Roof (2024)

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Written By Kayla Lobermeier

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Dear Reader,

Tonight at sunset marks the ending of Imbolc, the halfway point between winter and spring. The snow has started to thaw on my little farm. In this episode, I am making a collection of vintage inspired Valentine's Day desserts and crafts. I'll share with you how to paint springerle cookies and how to decorate a vintage style cake. This red velvet cake with buttercream frosting is one of my favorite cakes I have ever developed! We also make Victorian vintage style Valentine’s Day cards.

Watch as I welcome you into a cozy fantasy world of cooking! These cozy, soothing sounds will transport you to my cottage kitchen on the Iowa prairie. This episode includes cozy sounds such as gentle rainfall, bird song, soft spoken voice, paper shuffling, fountain pen scratching, and painting.

A Vintage Valentine’s Day Making Victorian Dessert Recipes and Craft Ideas — Under A Tin Roof (1)

If you enjoy this video, I welcome you to subscribe to our YouTube channel! I have been loving creating these cozy videos with lots of soothing sounds. I hope that you are enjoying watching. Your feedback means the world to me! Let me know what I should make in an upcoming video by leaving a comment.

A Vintage Valentine’s Day Making Victorian Dessert Recipes and Craft Ideas — Under A Tin Roof (2)

recipes in this week’s video:

This week’s recipes are inspired by Victorian and Edwardian Valentine’s Day ideas. I had such a fun time developing this red velvet cake recipe and painting springerle cookies to give them some colorful definition!

  • Vintage Paper Crafting: Victorian Valentine’s Day Cards

  • Red Velvet Valentine Vintage Cake

  • Victorian Painted Springerle Cookies

what i used in this week’s video:

If you have ever wondered where some of the items that I use in my videos are from, here is a quick recap of what was featured in this week’s video. This also includes links to the clothes that I wore!

A Vintage Valentine’s Day Making Victorian Dessert Recipes and Craft Ideas — Under A Tin Roof (4)

final thoughts:

Will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, Dear Reader? I hope that these ideas inspired you to bake and craft something for fun this weekend! Even if it is just to amuse yourself, I think that these crafts and recipes can be quite soothing for the soul. I love to make things with my hands and share them with you!

Don’t forget, my new cookbook The Cottagecore Baking Book comes out February 20th! It has lots of lovely little dessert ideas just like in this video. If you pre-order and send me a screenshot of your receipt to theprairiekitchencookbook(at)gmail(dot)com I will send you a FREE copy of our new ebook, Valentine’s Day Tea Party.

xoxo Kayla

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A Vintage Valentine’s Day Making Victorian Dessert Recipes and Craft Ideas — Under A Tin Roof (11)

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A Vintage Valentine’s Day Making Victorian Dessert Recipes and Craft Ideas — Under A Tin Roof (2024)
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