26 Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Crafts to Do with Your Grandkids (2024)

Spending time with our loved ones on Valentine's Day is always important. Are you looking to spend some time with your grandkids this year? Are you looking for some fun Valentine's Day crafts to make with them? You can use the following list of crafts for fun, decoration, or as gifts. So get creative and show the love this Valentine's Day.

1. Stained Glass Hearts

Cut out the shape of a heart and then cut squares of tissue paper in Valentine's colors. Have the kids glue the tissue paper onto the heart to have a stained glass effect.

2. Heart Collage

Buy different Valentine stickers and let your grandkids make a collage of stickers on a giant heart. Gluing conversation hearts onto it is also an option.

3. Valentine's Fingerpainting

Buy or make your own finger paints in red, pink, white, and purple, and let your grandkids get creative.

4. Heart Person

Cut the shape of a large heart out of construction paper and then cut another sheet long ways into four strips. Next, cut two small hearts out of another piece of construction paper. Cut two of those strips in half to make two short strips. Then, fold all strips accordion style.

Tape the long strips at the bottom of the heart to make legs. Tape the short strips on the sides to make arms. Add two small hearts for hands. Then, add googly eyes and other craft items to make a face. Hang these up somewhere in your home where everyone can see them.

5. Valentine's Caterpillar

Cut out hearts in various sizes, from large to small. Then, line them up and glue them together from large to small in the shape of a caterpillar's body. Add pipe cleaners for antennae and legs, and then add a face.

6. Melt My Heart Crayons

To make "Melt My Heart Crayons," put the broken crayons your grandkids have in small pieces into a heart-shaped silicone mold with six heart molds. Then, bake them at 250 degrees until the crayons are melted. Let cool and then they can color to their heart's content.

7. Valentine's Pictures

Let them free color in Valentine's colors.

8. Kool-Aid Valentine's Pictures

For this craft, make sure they have old clothes on because Kool-Aid can stain. Also, you will want to buy cardstock for this project because it is a heavier paper.

Buy Kool-Aid packets in red, pink, and grape and some paper cups. Add each packet of Kool-Aid to a separate cup and then add 1/4 teaspoon of water to each to make paint. If all the Kool-Aid doesn't dissolve, add another 1/4 teaspoon of water. Then, let the kids go to town and paint. When done, put them in a safe place where they can dry. Once dried, they will smell wonderful, so make sure you hang them up somewhere.

I remember doing this with my kids in daycare, and I hung the paintings on the wall by our front door. Every time a parent came in, they asked, "What's that smell?" In a good way, of course.

9. Make Valentine's Cards

Let the kids make their own Valentine's Day cards and then either drop them off to family and friends or buy oversized envelopes and mail them.

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10. Decorate Cookies

Either make heart-shaped sugar cookies ahead of time or buy cut-out ones at the store and let your grandkids decorate for Valentine's Day. You can find colored frosting in the seasonal sprinkles in the Valentine's section of your local department store.

11. Make Valentine's Playdough

Find a recipe for homemade Valentine's playdough in different colors online. I just did a quick search and found two recipes: chocolate playdough and cherry playdough.

12. Bake Valentine's Cupcakes

Buy a box of Valentine's Cake mix and make cupcakes with your grandkids. After decorating, box some up to take home, and then share a few with friends and neighbors. Don't forget to save one or two for yourself.

13. Make Valentine's Jewelry

String beads in Valentine's colors (red, pink, white, purple) on yarn and tie the ends together to make a necklace or bracelet.

14. Make Valentine's Jello Jigglers

Buy jello in different Valentine's colors, think cherry, strawberry, and grape, and make several pans of jello jigglers in heart shapes.

15. Glitter Hearts

Cut out a large heart from white cardstock paper, then let your grandkids paint glue on it. Then, add red, pink, or purple glitter to it. Or all three. Shake into the trash can to remove the excess, then let dry. Then, hang them up.

16. Pudding Painting

Buy three boxes of vanilla pudding, tint with Valentine's colors, and let your grandkids finger paint with it on wax paper.

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17. Valentine Craft Kits

You can also go to art supply stores like Hobby Lobby and buy cute craft kits to do with your grandkids. This way, you know you have everything on hand to have a fun time.

18. Sponge Painting

Buy an assortment of craft sponges and let them sponge paint on construction paper in Valentine's colors.

19. Coloring Pages

Print off some Valentine's coloring pages for them to color.

20. Puffy Paint

This is a fun twist on regular paint. Go online and find a recipe for puff paint. You will need glue, shaving cream, and food coloring. When you mix the ingredients together, it makes a puffy, textured paint.

21. Valentine's Hair Barrettes

If you have granddaughters, they will love this. Buy some plain hair barrettes and decorate them with glitter, glue, and stickers.

22. Valentine's Rings

Bend pipe cleaners and twist them into heart-shaped rings, then let your grandkids show off their "bling."

23. Fingerprint Heart Tree

Paint your grandchild's hand brown and use it as the trunk and branches of the tree, and then surround it with little fingerprint hearts.

24. Valentine Slime

Find a recipe online to make Valentine slime. Your grandkids will love it.

25. "What I Love" Picture

Have your grandkids draw a picture of all the things they love, like friends and family, a favorite treat or toy, or their pet.

26. Make Homemade Valentine's Candy

This would be something to do with older grandchildren but spend the day together making homemade candy. This is a great way to teach them how to do something new. If the recipes you have come from your family, even better.

There are tons of ideas and varieties of craft ideas for Valentine's Day for all different interests. Your artistic grandson can make a Valentine's Picasso. Your stylish granddaughter can make her own jewelry. They can even make fun food "gifts" to give away. You will find something on this list that your grandchild is bound to love making. So pick a craft or two, set a "play date," and get ready to let the creativity and love flow.

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26 Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Crafts to Do with Your Grandkids (2024)
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