25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (2024)

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I love sharing fun patterns for different themes and holidays. This list of Valentine’s Day crochet patterns has something for everyone. I’ve included hats, scarf ideas, blankets, amigurumi, bags, and more! You can decorate, gift, or enjoy these ideas just for yourself. Get started now to have them ready in time for the day of love!

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Valentine’s Day Crochet Patterns

While most of these patterns are ideal for beginners, do pay attention to pattern notes. Sometimes you will learn new techniques or find one that just isn’t something you feel up to creating just yet. Of course, you can always bookmark any of these patterns to check out at a later date.

If you want to gift these items, check out our little Valentine’s Day printable gift tags. These are ideal for printing and adding to any handmade item. If you need more crochet inspiration, make sure to check out some of our other popular collections below.

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C2C Valentine’s Heart Crochet Table Runner Pattern

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (2)

I love decorating for any season or holiday and this table runner is a great idea to go on your dining table, end tables, or entry table. So lovely, easy pattern to follow, and beautiful.

Source: Repeat Crafter Me

Crochet Valentine’s Wreath Pattern

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (3)

I love hanging something on my front door for holidays, and this little wreath is a great choice. Definitely, a detailed option that may be better for intermediate level crocheters, it’s a stunning addition to Valentine’s Day decor.

Source: Repeat Crafter Me

Heart Pillow Crochet Pattern

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (4)

Despite having two colors of yarn, it is a deceivingly simple pattern to follow. An ideal pillow cover, this is a great choice for year-round, but especially on Valentine’s Day.

Source: Make and Do Crew

Danish Heart Crochet Pattern

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (5)

The stitch for this pattern is super easy and the combination of weaving is another option that turns basic crocheting into stunning style. You are going to love making these!

Source: Ali Pyper

Stuffed Crochet Hearts Pattern

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (6)

I adore this idea! This crocheter actually made these for wedding decor, but of course, they work great for Valentine’s Day. Can you imagine using them to make a bouquet of hearts? Oh yes!

Source: Malloo Knits

Crochet Puppy Love Heart Infinity Scarf

This tutorial is one of my favorite scarf ideas of all time! It’s so pretty and the stitch is relatively easy for those who are newer to crocheting. I love it!

8-Bit Slouchy Heart Beanie Pattern

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (7)

My husband loves anything and everything 8-bit. It’s part his tech background and partially because we both lived our childhoods in the 1980s. This pattern is adorable, unisex, and perfect for wearing throughout the season of love.

Source: Whistle and Ivy

Ombre Heart Stitch Pillow

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (8)

Isn’t this precious? I love how pretty it turns out and how you can so eaisly incorporate any of your favorite colors, not just the classic pink, red, and white.

Source: Whistle and Ivy

Crochet Valentine’s Day Gnome Pattern

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (9)

I adore gnomes and this little pattern is definitely going to be a hit. It takes a bit more work than some, and if new to amigurumi there is a bit of a learning curve, but it is stunning once complete.

Source: Etsy

Ombre Heart Coaster Crochet Pattern

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (10)

Following the ombre theme, this pattern for coasters is adorable. A mixture of colors turns ordinary hearts into works of art ideal for placing on tables and desks!

Source: Lilla Bjorn’s Crochet World

Crochet Heart Hanging Tags

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (11)

Whether you hang them on the mantle, stair railing, or you tuck them into a gift, these tags are an adorable addition to your Valentine’s Day crochet projects list.

Source: Highland Hickory Designs

Crochet Heart Doily Pattern

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (12)

I grew up loving the delicate lace effect on doilies, and this pattern is a great example. Beautiful colorful hearts, simple white edging, and attention to detail have turned it into a gorgeous addition to any home.

Source: Etsy

Crochet Heart Sachet Pattern

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (13)

This is such a fun little gift idea! Scent it with your favorite smell or what you know the receiver will love. It’s a great stand alone gift or ideal for tucking in a gift basket with other personal care items.

Source: Petals to Picots

Easy Crochet Heart Dishcloth

This is one of those super basic patterns that just looks fantastic when completed. You can, of course, add different colors, use a two-tone yarn, or add appliques to this, but I love it as is!

Love Note Crochet Pocket Pillow

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (14)

How cute is this? Tuck a little love note inside the pocket and gift this to your sweetheart! It’s a gift and decoration all in one!

Source: Sewrella

Crochet Valentine’s Day Gift Bag

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (15)

Now this is my kind of gift bag! Imagine filling it full of chocolate kisses and hearts for a fun and easy little gift ideal for anyone on your list!

Source: Little Doolally

Crochet Valentine’s Day Gnome Blanket

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (16)

I love gnomes and I love crochet blankets, so of course, I love this! It’s a beautiful pattern that pays attention to details. This is definitely a larger project to take on, but you will love the results.

Source: Etsy

Conversation Heart Crochet Garland

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (17)

This is the perfect classic theme for Valentine’s Day crocheting! These hearts can have custom messages or be plain and look great hanging on a mantle or Valentine’s Day tree!

Source: Twinkie Chan

Crochet Valentine’s Day Mug Cozy

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (18)

I know I always need a cozy on my morning coffee, and this one is perfect for the season of love! A cute little idea that is perfect for beginners to make.

Source: She Yarns

Crochet Heart Boot Cuffs Pattern

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (19)

Valentine’s Day comes right in the middle of the coldest weather here in Michigan, so these boot cuffs aren’t just wanted, but very much needed! A perfect beginner crochet pattern.

Source: Felted Button

Heart Crochet Blanket Pattern

This is absolutely gorgeous once complete! I love how this comes together repeating the same basic stitches over and over again. It makes it even easier for those newer to crocheting larger items.

Valentine’s Day Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (20)

Just because we have to wash dishes doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Make these pretty heart themed dishcloths and add them to your sink today!

Source: 5 Little Monsters

Crochet Heart Blanket Pattern

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (21)

This is so beautiful! Truly, a great choice for something to crochet in little batches. A few hearts in different colors are stitched together to create a cozy and beautiful blanket anyone would be proud to own.

Source: Etsy

Crochet Valentine’s Day Ear Flap Hat

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (22)

What an adorable little hat for the little ones in your life. So cute and easy to make with any color combinations you prefer.

Source: Classy Crochet

Heart and Pom Pom Crochet Garland

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (23)

I love the combination of both crochet hearts and simple yarn pom poms. So pretty and unique! Plus, this is perfect for a beginner who is new to crocheting.

Source: Hooked on Homemade Happiness


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  1. Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns: These are specific crochet patterns designed for Valentine's Day, a holiday celebrated on February 14th to express love and affection. These patterns often incorporate heart motifs and romantic themes.

  2. C2C Valentine's Heart Crochet Table Runner Pattern: C2C stands for "corner-to-corner" crochet, a technique where you work diagonally from one corner to another, creating a textured fabric. This pattern is for a table runner with heart motifs, perfect for decorating dining tables or entry tables.

  3. Crochet Valentine's Wreath Pattern: This pattern is for a wreath made of crochet, typically designed with Valentine's Day-themed colors and decorations. It is hung on the front door as a festive decoration.

  4. Heart Pillow Crochet Pattern: This pattern is for crocheting a pillow cover with heart motifs. It can be used as a decorative item for Valentine's Day or year-round.

  5. Danish Heart Crochet Pattern: This pattern involves creating heart-shaped motifs using a combination of weaving and crocheting techniques. It results in a unique and intricate design.

  6. Stuffed Crochet Hearts Pattern: This pattern allows you to create stuffed heart-shaped crochet pieces, which can be used as decorative elements or made into a bouquet.

  7. Crochet Puppy Love Heart Infinity Scarf: This pattern is for crocheting an infinity scarf with heart motifs. It is a versatile accessory that can be worn during Valentine's Day or any time of the year.

  8. 8-Bit Slouchy Heart Beanie Pattern: Inspired by 8-bit graphics from video games, this pattern is for crocheting a slouchy beanie with heart motifs. It has a whimsical and nostalgic feel.

  9. Ombre Heart Stitch Pillow: The ombre effect refers to the gradual blending of colors from light to dark or vice versa. This pattern is for a pillow with heart motifs, using the ombre color technique.

  10. Crochet Valentine's Day Gnome Pattern: Gnomes are popular characters in crochet crafts. This pattern is for crocheting a gnome with Valentine's Day-themed attire, making it an adorable decoration.

These are just a few examples of the crochet patterns mentioned in the article. Each pattern has its own unique style, level of difficulty, and purpose. I have knowledge of various crochet techniques, stitches, and patterns, allowing me to provide guidance and assistance in creating these Valentine's Day crochet projects.

25 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns (2024)
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