21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (2024)

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Easter? Make some cute bunny crafts with your kids! There are so many adorable ideas out there, from simple paper plate bunnies to fun bunny paintings.

Whether you’re looking for something to keep the kids occupied or want to create a cute Easter decoration for your home or classroom, these bunny crafts are sure to please.

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Get ready to get crafty and have some Easter fun!

Materials to Make Bunny Crafts For Kids

Below are some craft materials you’ll need to make the rabbit crafts. This list isn’t all-inclusive, but it’ll be a great start for many projects!

  • kid-safe scissors
  • glue sticks or school glue
  • construction paper
  • googly eyes
  • cotton balls
  • streamers
  • paint and paintbrushes
  • pipe cleaners
  • felt
  • tissue paper
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Fun Easter Bunny Crafts for Kids

1. Handprint Bunny

Children’s handprints don’t stay little for long. Preserve them for a lifetime with a cute handprint bunny that makes the perfect Easter keepsake.

Use the template along with colored cardstock, pipe cleaners, and pom-poms to create adorable bunnies worthy of the scrapbook or memory box.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (3)

by Simple Everyday Mom

2. Paper Strips Bunny

Hop into the Easter season with a craft that helps kids develop their cutting and fine motor skills. This cute bunny is made with paper strips and is a little more challenging, so it’s a terrific project for kids in kindergarten or higher.

If you’d like to make quick work of the paper strips, use a paper cutter instead. This bunny craft would make a cute decoration on your table or mantle!

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (4)

by Easy Peasy and Fun

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3. Cotton Ball Bunny Cards

One of the qualities we love most about bunnies is how fluffy they are. Recreate that fluffy feeling with cotton balls!

Turn this bunny craft into a card for grandparents, friends, or teachers. Kids will have a blast making the card and writing a special message inside.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (5)

by The Best Ideas for Kids

4. Easter Bunny Paper Craft

Grab some pom-poms and colored paper to make colorful, adorable bunnies that you can hang on the wall or turn them into large stick puppets.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to cut out each shape needed, and then glue them together and draw in the details of the face.

You’ll have a sweet little bunny finished in just minutes, so why not make several?

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (6)

by Artsy Craftsy Mom

5. Carrot Nibbling Easter Bunny Cards

What do hungry rabbits like to nibble and nosh on? Why, carrots, of course! It’s only natural that the two should come together in an Easter card.

The carrot opens and closes for kids to write a fun Easter message inside.

Use the printable template to trace the pieces onto colored cardstock, or print them directly onto colored paper to make this project go a little faster.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (7)

by Kids’ Craft Room

6. Washcloth Bunnies

These washcloth bunnies make terrific mini Easter baskets for the kids, or you can teach them to make them for some festive decor around the house.

The best part is that there’s no sewing involved. Just fold, roll, and tie the washcloth into a bunny shape. Glue on some eyes and a nose and tie with a cute ribbon, and the cute bunny craft is complete.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (8)

by The Craft Train

7. K-Cup Bunny Craft

If you use a Keurig to make your coffee, start saving the K-cups. The kids can turn them into so many cute things, like these K-cup bunnies!

It’s a nifty way to teach kids to upcycle materials that would normally be tossed out. Plus, they’ll have adorable miniature bunnies that they can play with or display in their rooms.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (9)

by Artsy Momma

8. Build-a-Bunny Cut and Paste Craft

Teachers looking for cute bunny crafts will love this super easy cut-and-paste craft. All you need is paper, scissors, and glue!

They’ll look absolutely adorable on a bulletin board or your classroom door with the kids’ names on the bunnies’ tummies.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (10)

by Simple Mom Project

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9. Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

Don’t toss those empty toilet paper tubes! They’re the perfect frugal material for crafting.

Take these toilet paper roll bunnies, for instance. They’re colorful and fun, and will look charming on your windowsill or on a table or mantle this Easter.

Add some faux flowers in the tube for an extra spring touch.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (17)

by The Best Ideas for Kids

10. Bobble-Head Paper Plate Bunny

This craft takes the traditional paper plate bunny to a whole new level! It has a cute bobblehead that bounces from the bottom plate when you move it.

Kids will love the bright colors and bounciness of this bunny craft. It even has a lovely little pom-pom tail on top.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (18)

by Our Kid Things

11. Easter Bunny Mask

Kids can pretend they’re the Easter bunny with this fun and frugal paper plate craft. It will be a huge hit for pretend play and will make a nice photo prop for an Easter party, too.

If you don’t have felt, you can finish the ears and nose with pink paper instead.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (19)

by She Saved

12. Bunny Corner Bookmarks

These bunny bookmarks are as adorable as they are practical. Make several to mark your spot in your favorite springtime chapter books.

Bookmarks are a great idea for a classroom craft. Students can make extra to donate some to the school library as well.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (20)

by Red Ted Art

13. Chalk Pastel Bunny Art

You’re in for a lot of fun if you’ve never worked with chalk pastels before. It can get a bit messy, but the bright colors look so vivid and beautiful against the black background.

The printable bunny template will help you create the perfect bunny outline surrounded by rays of gorgeous color.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (21)

by Projects with Kids

14. Yarn-Wrapped Easter Bunny Cards

Send “Hoppy” Easter greetings with lovely yarn-wrapped bunnies turned into sweet cards to give to friends and family.

Yarn wrapping is great fine motor practice for little hands, plus it creates a beautiful effect when viewed through the bunny-shaped cutout in the card.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (22)

by Kids’ Craft Room

15. Paper Plate Bunny Silhouette

Showcase a bunny silhouette made with just paint a paper plate, a bunny cutout, and a fluffy pom-pom.

You can choose any color combination you like, so if pastels aren’t your thing, select bright, bold colors, as you see here.

It’ll look great hanging above your mantel for Easter!

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (23)

by Non-Toy Gifts

16. Paper Plate Bunny with Flower Crown

This pretty bunny is more like your traditional paper plate bunny but with a sort of boho twist.

The bunny is wearing a flower crown!

It’s super easy to make, too. Just grab a plain white paper plate, the printable template, scissors, and glue. Cut out the ears and flowers, and glue them on after attaching the curlicue pipe cleaners.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (24)

by Mommy Made That

17. Bunny Paper Bag Puppet

Put on a puppet show with these easy paper bag bunny puppets!

With lunch sacks, construction paper, and pipe cleaners, you can have your very own rabbit puppet in less than half an hour.

And this craft is just as cute outside of the Easter season. You can make a brown or gray bunny instead to look more like a natural rabbit.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (25)

by Glue Sticks & Gumdrops

18. Popsicle Stick Easter Bunnies

Add to your Easter decor with these beautiful bunnies made from popsicle sticks. This is a fun craft for all ages (even adults), and it can be used for so many things!

Add magnetic tape to the back to turn them into fridge magnets. Glue them to the side of a picture frame to make pictures with the Easter bunny extra special. Slide one into a basket of goodies for a friend or neighbor. You get the idea.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (26)

by The Best Ideas for Kids

19. Paper Bobble Head Bunny

Decorate your Easter brunch table with these simple yet cute paper bobblehead bunnies. Make them in an assortment of colors to add a bright touch to your decor.

The kids will have such fun making purple, blue, yellow, green, and white Easter bunnies.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (27)

by Fireflies and Mud Pies

20. B is for Bunny Craft

Is your toddler learning the alphabet? Work on the letter B with this fitting B is for Bunny craft for Easter.

Toddlers will love squishing and squeezing the soft cotton balls between their fingers as they glue them into place along the B.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (28)

by The Simple Parent

21. Easter Bunny Painting

Finally, let’s finish this list with a multimedia art project that you’ll want to bring out for display every Easter.

Use acrylics, watercolors, and sharpies to make a bunny that’s looking up at the Easter eggs. It’s an adorable piece of art that kids will be proud to show off.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (29)

by Projects with Kids

Bunny Crafts For Kids- Final Thoughts

And that’s the end of our list of cute bunny crafts. Which one is your favorite? What do you think your kids will be most excited to make? Let us know!

Don’t forget to pin this post to Pinterest and return to it when you want to make some cute bunny crafts this Easter!

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (30)

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21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (31)

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Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter crafts are a popular way to celebrate the holiday and engage children in creative activities. These crafts can be fun and educational, allowing kids to develop their fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination. This article offers a variety of bunny-themed craft ideas for kids, ranging from simple paper plate bunnies to more complex projects involving cutting, gluing, and painting.

Materials for Bunny Crafts

The article suggests using a variety of materials for bunny crafts, such as kid-safe scissors, glue sticks or school glue, construction paper, googly eyes, cotton balls, streamers, paint and paintbrushes, pipe cleaners, felt, tissue paper, pom-poms, washcloths, K-cups, toilet paper rolls, paper plates, and more. These materials can be easily found at craft stores or even around the house.

Bunny Craft Ideas

The article provides a list of bunny craft ideas along with instructions on how to create them. Here are some examples:

  1. Handprint Bunny: This craft involves tracing a child's handprint onto colored cardstock and using additional materials like pipe cleaners and pom-poms to create an adorable bunny. It can serve as a keepsake or a decoration.

  2. Paper Strips Bunny: This craft helps kids develop their cutting and fine motor skills. It involves using paper strips to create a bunny shape. A paper cutter can be used to speed up the process.

  3. Cotton Ball Bunny Cards: This craft uses cotton balls to create a fluffy bunny on a card. It can be a fun way to create Easter cards with a special message inside.

  4. Easter Bunny Paper Craft: This craft involves using pom-poms and colored paper to create colorful bunnies. The shapes are cut out and glued together to form the bunny's face.

  5. Carrot Nibbling Easter Bunny Cards: This craft combines bunnies and carrots in an Easter card. The carrot opens and closes, allowing kids to write a message inside.

  6. Washcloth Bunnies: This craft uses washcloths to create mini Easter baskets or festive decor. It involves folding, rolling, and tying the washcloth into a bunny shape, adding eyes, nose, and a cute ribbon.

  7. K-Cup Bunny Craft: This craft repurposes used K-cups to create cute bunnies. It's a great way to teach kids about upcycling materials.

  8. Build-a-Bunny Cut and Paste Craft: This craft is a simple cut-and-paste activity using paper, scissors, and glue. It's suitable for classrooms and can be personalized with the kids' names.

These are just a few examples from the article. There are many more craft ideas listed, including toilet paper roll bunnies, bobble-head paper plate bunnies, bunny masks, chalk pastel bunny art, yarn-wrapped bunny cards, and more. Each craft offers a unique way for kids to engage in creative play and create something special for Easter.

Whether you're looking for activities to keep the kids occupied or want to create cute Easter decorations, these bunny crafts can be a great option. They are not only enjoyable but also provide an opportunity for children to express their creativity and explore different materials and techniques.

21 Cute Bunny Crafts Perfect For Easter (2024)
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