20 Free Valentines Patterns (2024)

Let's face it, we could all do with a little more love right now, right? From squishy hearts you can make from leftover yarn, to pretty embroidered words for your boo, we’ve rounded up our top 20 free Valentine’s patterns just for you!

So, whether you’re celebrating with your other half, showing your pals how much you care or giving yourself a little self-love (because, hey, you deserve it!), partner with one of these fab free patterns for a match made in craft-heaven.

1. Valentines Interchangeable Motif Sweater pattern

This brand new Valentine's sweater pattern from Paintbox makes our heart skip a stitch! With a fabulous interchangeable intarsia motif designed in the softest Super Chunky yarns, all you need to do is to pick your fave and follow the free chart. Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear it on your sweater!

Valentines Interchangeable Motif - Free Sweater Knitting Pattern For Women in Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky by Paintbox Yarns By Paintbox Yarns


2. 'Don’t go making my heart' cushion

Show your pals you care with this squidgy squeezy huggable rainbow cushion by Flo and Dot! Designed in ice cream shades of Banana Cream, Orange and Pistachio Paintbox Wool Mix Chunky to name a few, this pattern can be made in two fab sizes!

Don't Go Making My Heart Cushion


3. 'Queen of hearts' hat

The Queen Stitch has royally captured our hearts with this warm and fuzzy number! Whether you’re giving your own wardrobe a little lovin’ or gifting to your one and only, this fizzy beanie will funk up your Valentine’s style!

Queen of Hearts Hat By Katie M


4. Floral heart cross-stitch stitch design

Cross-your heart! This floral heart cross-stitch design will give them all the butterflies and remind that special friend that they’re on your mind.

Floral Heart in DMC - PAT0157 - Downloadable PDF By DMC


5. Valentine’s day crochet gift bag

The best gifts come in small packages, this cute Valentine’s pouch is a treat all in itself! Cram with sweets and love hearts for all your pals.

Valentine's Day Gift Bag By Independent Designer


6. Tomato amigurumi

Say I love you from my head to-ma-toes! Nothing says I love you more than… a cute crochet tomato! Not what they might expect? Make your Valentine’s gift as unique as you!

7. 'Love is in the air' felt hearts

You felt it too!? These handmade felted hearts are so darn adorable. Whether you stick to homemade cards, string up as a garland or hang up in your home as pretty decor, the possibilities are endless!

Love is in the Air By Independent Designer


8. Make a Love Cake

This Valentine's pattern takes the cake! While this tiered bake might not be made from sugar and spice, it's crocheted from all things nice. Perfect for intermediate crocheters who want to whip up a super sweet treat for their own baby cakes!

Love Cake By Independent Designer


9. Bee there for your bestie this Valentine’s

It’s been a long winter but spring is on the way, so make your Queen Bee know she’s still number one with this buzzy embroidery design. Give as a pretty wall hanging, jacket embellishment or cushion cover!

Queen Bee in DMC - PAT0447 - Downloadable PDF By DMC


10. In a heartbeat messy bun beanie

This messy bun beanie by Victoria Light is full of love for frosty Februarys. An easy beginner knit with the cutest embroidered hearts, who can resist?!

In a Heartbeat Messy Bun Beanie By Tory Light


11. Hot stuff mug cozies

Keep it hot and steamy (wait for it!) with these hilarious knitted mug cozies by Linda Wilgus. Made originally for her hubbie, these brilliant designs are perfect for besties and roomies too!

Hot Stuff Coffee Cozies By Independent Designer


12. Socks for your sweetheart

Put your feet together to make a heart with these sweetheart beginner socks by Korona Knits!

Sweetheart Socks By Korora Knits


13. Valentine’s Sweater

This Valentine’s short sleeve sweater is so chic and versatile they’ll want to wear it all year long. A long term-make, for someone special (or why not make for yourself!?). Talk about a love that lasts!

Valentine's Day Sweater


14. A teenie tiny amigurumi heart

For the sweetest teeniest amigurumi heart, look no further than this adorable make from Polaripop!

Amigurumi Valentine's Day Heart Ornament


15. Make a Valentine’s doll

For crocheters with a bit more experience under your belt, this Valentine’s Lily Doll by Lily Sugar ‘n’ Cream is a fabulously fun make in their signature solids yarn.

Valentines Lily Doll in Lily Sugar 'n Cream Solids By Lily Sugar 'n Cream


16. Make a Valentine’s hat duo

The perfect knitting project for you and mini-you, by designer Guzel Eaves, make the cutest twin accessory to share with your one and only.

Matching hearts hat By Independent Designer


17. Little Valentine’s pouch!

We love this versatile petit knitted pouch with strawberry liquoricepompom. Perfect for cramming with little Valentine’s sweets or special treats for your pals!

By Lion Brand


18. Wild hearts run free

For those wild hearts out there, we love this anatomical sprouting heart embroidery design by DMC. Funk up your bag, jacket or sweater! Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Wild Heart in DMC - PAT0668 - Downloadable PDF By DMC


19. Pretty little hearts

Whether you’re making a key chain or sewing to a Valentine teddy, these squishy little hearts are so quick and easy to make, you’ll be addicted.

Pretty Little Hearts By Pretty Little Sheep


20. Love for the sisterhood

Because the sisterhood is strong - make your gal pals an emblem of sister solidarity with this Feminist heart design by DMC.

Proud Feminist in DMC - PAT0667 - Downloadable PDF By DMC


Discover Our Valentine's Guide for More Maker Inspiration

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As an expert and enthusiast, I have personal experiences or emotions, but I can provide information on various topics. Let's dive into the concepts mentioned in this article.

Valentine's Patterns:

This article discusses various Valentine's patterns for crafts and knitting. These patterns are designed to help people create handmade gifts or decorations for Valentine's Day. Here are some of the patterns mentioned:

  1. Valentines Interchangeable Motif Sweater pattern: This pattern allows you to create a Valentine's-themed sweater with an interchangeable intarsia motif. It is designed using soft Super Chunky yarns from Paintbox Yarns.

  2. 'Don’t go making my heart' cushion: This pattern enables you to make a rainbow cushion using ice cream shades of Banana Cream, Orange, and Pistachio Paintbox Wool Mix Chunky yarn. The pattern offers two size options.

  3. 'Queen of hearts' hat: The Queen Stitch pattern provides instructions for making a warm and fuzzy beanie. It can be a great gift for your loved one or a stylish addition to your own wardrobe.

  4. Floral heart cross-stitch stitch design: This pattern involves cross-stitching a floral heart design. It can be used to create handmade cards, garlands, or home decor items.

  5. Valentine’s day crochet gift bag: The pattern guides you in making a cute Valentine's pouch that can be filled with sweets or small gifts for your friends .

  6. Tomato amigurumi: This pattern allows you to crochet a cute tomato as a unique Valentine's gift.

  7. 'Love is in the air' felt hearts: This pattern involves creating handmade felted hearts that can be used for homemade cards, garlands, or home decor.

  8. Make a Love Cake: This crochet pattern helps you create a tiered cake design. While it may not be made from sugar and spice, it can be a sweet and creative gift.

  9. Bee there for your bestie this Valentine’s: This pattern provides instructions for creating a buzzy embroidery design featuring a queen bee. It can be used as a wall hanging, jacket embellishment, or cushion cover.

  10. In a heartbeat messy bun beanie: This knitting pattern allows you to make a messy bun beanie with embroidered hearts. It's a beginner-friendly project perfect for frosty Februarys.

These are just a few examples of the Valentine's patterns mentioned in the article. Each pattern offers a unique way to express love and creativity during the Valentine's season.

I hope this information helps you explore the world of Valentine's crafts and knitting patterns! Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with.

20 Free Valentines Patterns (2024)
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