20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (2024)

Looking for crochet valentine patterns? These FREE patterns will get you all ready for valentines day. We’ve got some crochet hearts, decor, fashion, and more!

I love how creative we can get with crocheting. There’s patterns for so many different holidays!

As far as Valentine’s Day goes, there are endless possibilities for crochet hearts, valentine decor, and even accessories and garments!

In this post, I wanted to share over 15 of my favorite crochet valentine patterns.

What should I crochet for valentines day?

There are SO many different possibilities when it comes to crocheting Valentines Day items! Of course, crochet hearts are probably the most common. While I will include some heart patterns in this roundup, that is definitely not all.

Here is a quick overview of the types of patterns I’ve included:

  • Valentine’s crochet decor/kitchen items
  • Valentines themed amigurumi
  • Different types of crochet hearts
  • Heart themed accessories
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Crochet Valentine Patterns – The List

Are you ready to see the free valentines patterns?! Let’s get into the list!

#1: Crochet Heart Garland

First up, check out this cute Heart Garland designed by Stitching Together. Wouldn’t this make adorable valentines decor?! I love the simplicity of these hearts…no difficult increases to make them. They’re literally rectangles made into hearts by the string in the banner!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (2)

#2: Candy Hearts Cup Cozy

The Candy Hearts Cup Cozy, a cute kitchen item, would be great to get into the valentines spirit! Just look at those tiny little hearts! They’re made in one simple round. Aren’t they cute?

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (3)

#3: Belle Heart Crochet Coaster

Coasters are such a perfect home accent! The Belle Heart Coasters over on Crochet Kim are unique and beautiful. I love how these ones have hearts literally embedded into the coasters!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (4)

#4: Amore Shawl

Next up, meet the Amore Shawl! This shawl design features a lace stitch pattern resembling hearts! Make it in an ombre pink/purple color and you have the perfect shawl to wear out on a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. 🙂

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (5)

#5: Flower Heart Wreath

Next up, the Flower Heart Wreath! I think it’s awesome how this design features a heart wrapped in yarn, and then covered in roses. It includes the two iconic elements of Valentines Day, which makes it a great decoration item!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (6)

#6: Crochet Heart Applique

I have always loved how hearts look when different sizes are layered on top of each other. That’s why I designed a Heart Applique in 3 sizes! These hearts can easily be used as coasters, actual valentines, or layered together to form more complex hearts.

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (7)

#7: Chocolate Smooch Crochet Pattern

Up next is this ADORABLE little Chocolate kiss crochet pattern by E’ Claire Makery! This project would work up ultra fast and it could easily be an addition to a valentine’s card or present. If you want to crochet some chocolates, I would check out this pattern right away.

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (8)

#8: Crochet Valentine Amigurumi

Getting into the amigurumi category…I just had to include these adorable Valentine’s Themed Animals! The pattern includes instructions for a bear, panda, and koala. My heart just melted when I saw these. They will take a bit more time to crochet but are totally worth it!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (9)

#9: Mini Amigurumi Crochet Hearts

Do these Amigurumi Hearts look familiar? They can either go in the arms of those cute animals, or be used totally separate! You’ll just need some small amounts of worsted weight yarn to get started on some for yourself (or your kids!)

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (10)

#10: Bella Rosa Shawl

Another shawl pattern but this time features a rose! The Bella Rosa Shawl, designed by Wilmade, is absolutely gorgeous. It uses the filet crochet technique along with a soft pink yarn. I can definitely see this design draped over my shoulders!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (11)

#11: Crochet Heart Valentine Cards

One of the ways I put my heart applique pattern to good use was by making a card out of it! Check out this DIY Crochet Valentine Card to learn how to attach a crocheted heart to a card to make it an extra special handmade valentine. I include a tutorial to help you make the paper cards as well!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (12)

#12: Amigurumi Crochet Bunny Pattern

We’ve seen a lot of hearts and roses so far but what about a bunny? My goodness, when I saw this Amigurumi crochet bunny from Crochet 365 Knit Too, I just had to include it. It features worsted weight yarn and an adorable little rose necklace, which makes it extra perfect for Valentines Day!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (13)

#13: Heart Motifs

Looking for a large crochet heart? This Motif Pattern by Meladora’s Creations might be perfect! These are shaped a bit differently than my heart applique. They are made from simple single crochet, along with decreases. Make one, or a whole bunch to decorate the house with!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (14)

#14: Parisienne Beret

Getting into the heart-themed fashion…here is a simple but stylish beret by Sewrella! The Parisienne Beret is pretty easy to crochet, and then the heart is sewn on afterward using the Cross Stitch. No color work knowledge required!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (15)

#15: Crochet Valentine Heart Blanket

One great way to be wrapped in lots of love during Valentines Day is by crocheting a Heart Blanket! 😉 This pattern is designed by The Blue Elephants, and it is made entirely from corner-to-corner crochet. Try making the heart in red as pictured, or change it up with pink or purple!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (16)

#16: Crochet Heart Granny Square

If you want to make a blanket out of square instead, you will definitely want to see the Heart Granny Square! Look at how beautiful this is! You’ll start by crocheting a cute heart in the center, and then doing traditional granny square stitches around it. I might just need to make one of these myself!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (17)

#17: Valentines Tissue Box Cover

When I saw this tissue box cover, I fell in love! It is so adorable, and sure to stand out amongest other valentines day decor! The crocheted cover includes 3 cute tiny hearts, along with a crocheted envelope. Make in red, pink, or purple to customize!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (18)

#18: Love Notes Crochet Valentine

Want a cute little book for your kids to make their own valentines? Enter the Love Notes Crochet Pattern! I think this is such a sweet idea. There are little pockets for paper and crayons, plus a cute heart button for closure. I can’t stand how cute it is!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (19)

#19: Valentines Crochet Countdown

Do you REALLY get into valentines day? Or, do your kids look forward to it every year? If so, I bet you will love this Valentines Day Countdown pattern! Just look at how amazing this is! The back is made from c2c crochet, and then 14 pockets are added on afterward.

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (20)

#20: Cabled Baby Heart Hat

Last but not least, check out the Cabled Heart Hat for Babies! If you want to dress up your little one for valentines day, this pattern is so perfect. I can just imagine how cute it would look!

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (21)


As you can see, there are so many different things you can crochet for Valentines Day! Whether it’s a valentines rose, heart, fashion item, etc. you are sure to have a lovely finished item. I hope you enjoyed this post and found a new project for your hooks!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Happy Crocheting!

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Crochet Valentine Patterns

When it comes to crochet Valentine patterns, there are numerous options to explore. From heart-themed decor to accessories and garments, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the key concepts and patterns mentioned in the article:

1. Crochet Heart Garland

  • A cute Heart Garland designed by Stitching Together, perfect for Valentine's decor.
  • The hearts are made from rectangles and are simple to create.

2. Candy Hearts Cup Cozy

  • A cute kitchen item featuring tiny crochet hearts made in one simple round.

3. Belle Heart Crochet Coaster

  • Unique and beautiful coasters with hearts embedded into them.

4. Amore Shawl

  • A shawl design featuring a lace stitch pattern resembling hearts, suitable for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner.

5. Flower Heart Wreath

  • A decorative item featuring a heart wrapped in yarn and covered in roses, capturing the essence of Valentine's Day.

6. Crochet Heart Applique

  • A design featuring heart appliques in three different sizes, suitable for various uses such as coasters or valentines.

7. Chocolate Smooch Crochet Pattern

  • An adorable chocolate kiss crochet pattern by E’ Claire Makery, perfect for adding to a Valentine's card or present.

8. Crochet Valentine Amigurumi

  • Adorable Valentine’s themed amigurumi patterns, including instructions for a bear, panda, and koala.

9. Mini Amigurumi Crochet Hearts

  • Small amigurumi hearts that can be used separately or with other projects.

10. Bella Rosa Shawl

  • A shawl pattern featuring a rose, designed by Wilmade, using the filet crochet technique.

11. Crochet Heart Valentine Cards

  • DIY Crochet Valentine Card tutorial, incorporating crocheted hearts into handmade valentines.

12. Amigurumi Crochet Bunny Pattern

  • An adorable amigurumi crochet bunny pattern featuring worsted weight yarn and a rose necklace.

13. Heart Motifs

  • Large crochet heart motif patterns by Meladora’s Creations, suitable for decorating the house.

14. Parisienne Beret

  • A simple but stylish beret by Sewrella, featuring a heart sewn on using the Cross Stitch technique.

15. Crochet Valentine Heart Blanket

  • A heart blanket pattern designed by The Blue Elephants, made entirely from corner-to-corner crochet.

16. Crochet Heart Granny Square

  • A beautiful heart granny square pattern, perfect for making a heart-themed blanket.

17. Valentines Tissue Box Cover

  • A crocheted tissue box cover with cute tiny hearts and a crocheted envelope.

18. Love Notes Crochet Valentine

  • A pattern for a cute little book with pockets for paper and crayons, featuring a heart button for closure.

19. Valentines Crochet Countdown

  • A Valentine's Day Countdown pattern featuring a c2c crochet back and 14 pockets.

20. Cabled Baby Heart Hat

  • A cabled heart hat pattern for babies, perfect for dressing up little ones for Valentine's Day.

With these diverse patterns, crocheters can create a wide range of Valentine-themed items, from decor to fashion and accessories, adding a personal touch to the holiday.

20 Free Crochet Valentine's Day Patterns (2024)
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