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The perfect Valentine’s Day gift that doesn’t send your bank account into cardiac arrest can be a challenge to pull off. But it can be done.

An inexpensive gift doesn’t mean you don’t care about your significant other. You may simply be buried in bills right now, or you may be saving up for something really terrific for you and your special someone, like a vacation or an engagement ring.

It really is the thought that counts, and if you’re going to make this holiday count, choose from these affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him, her or anyone. All prices were current at time of publication.

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Cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for him

You could get him Valentine’s Day men’s satin boxers with hearts from Amazon for $8.95, and it could definitely be a fun gift for some couples.

Does your love like football and chocolate? You could get him a Reese’s Valentine’s football heart tin for just $5.99.

If your main squeeze has a beard, you could get him a 6-ounce tube of the best damn beard wash at Target for $9.99. It claims to clean and soften even “the hardest working beards.”

If you’re aiming for something a little higher end, your partner could put that beard wash or a razor blade in a men’s travel kit from Kohl’s, also known as a dopp kit, for $38.

If you’re looking for some Valentine Day-themed clothing, Macy’s has red and pink socks for men for only $8.40.

JCPenney has a slick looking Skechers Ruhland men’s chronograph digital black strap watch — usually $30 but on sale for $24. And at the time of writing, there was a coupon code on the website, bringing the price down to $21.60.

Cheap Valentine’s Day gifts for her

Amazon has a lot of inexpensive Valentine’s Day-related clothes for women. You could get her a nightgown with hearts printed on it for just $17.97.

Macy’s also has Valentine’s Day-themed lingerie sets, including this two-piece one for $35.

These aromatherapy shower steamers come in a variety of scents and make the whole bathroom smell great and they’re only $7.99 on Amazon.

If your honey prefers a bath, consider getting her these heart-shaped bath bombs from Amazon — they come with toys inside and they’ll set you back just $18.99.

What’s Valentine’s Day without some chocolate? Target has Lindor Valentine’s raspberry cheesecake white chocolate truffles for $5.69.

Another cute candy gift is the sweetheart a Sweethearts Original Valentine’s heart-shaped candy box for a mere 79 cents. It could be a nice add-on to another gift, since you might risk a breakup if you spend less than a dollar.

For $8.29, you could get a blank coupon book from Amazon and fill it out — or, better yet, let her fill it out. That’s a pretty brave move, but would definitely send a message that you care.

The GIANTmicrobes heart organ plush is only $15.95 on Amazon and it’s pretty realistic anatomical design. Nothing says love like giving her a “real” heart.

If your significant other likes fashion, Amazon sells heart-shaped, rose-tinted sunglasses for $12.99. You can’t get much cheaper than that, and it’s a fun, stylish and on-theme gift.

Perfume doesn’t have to be expensive. You could get Fleur Monoi Eau De Parfum at T.J. Maxx for just $12.99.

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Cheap gifts for both or either of you

Do you two like to talk — and perhaps want to deepen your conversations? You could buy Uncommon Goods’ love talk conversation deck, which contains questions about love and romance designed to get you two talking. There’s also a sex talk conversation deck to help couples spark chats about physical intimacy. Both decks cost $24, and there’s no reason to limit the use of these to Valentine’s Day.

If you want to spend more than a few bucks on a Valentine’s Day gift, consider getting your significant other this LEGO Icons succulents plants and flowers Valentine décor set for $41.99 at Target. Set a time to build it together and make it a date night.

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The “Knock Knock What I Love About You” book will probably be a hit with your better half, and it’s only $9.95 on Amazon. It’s a 112-page book with prompts like “I love hearing stories about your…” Then you fill in the blanks. If you want to really show somebody how much you love them, fill it out and give them something fun to read.

If you’re both into corny jokes, either of you might like to gift the other a romantic cereal bowl from PersonalizationMall. It retails for $22 but is currently selling for $13.99. You can put your significant other’s name on the bowl and underneath that it says, “I ‘cerealsly’ love you.”

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas:

The article suggests several affordable Valentine's Day gift ideas for him, her, or anyone. Here are some of the gift ideas mentioned:

  1. Valentine's Day gifts for him:

    • Valentine's Day men's satin boxers with hearts from Amazon for $8.95.
    • Reese's Valentine's football heart tin for $5.99.
    • Best damn beard wash (6-ounce tube) from Target for $9.99.
    • Men's travel kit (dopp kit) from Kohl's for $38.
    • Red and pink socks for men from Macy's for $8.40.
    • Skechers Ruhland men's chronograph digital black strap watch from JCPenney for $24 (on sale).
  2. Valentine's Day gifts for her:

    • Nightgown with hearts printed on it from Amazon for $17.97.
    • Valentine's Day-themed lingerie sets from Macy's for $35.
    • Aromatherapy shower steamers (variety of scents) from Amazon for $7.99.
    • Heart-shaped bath bombs with toys inside from Amazon for $18.99.
    • Lindor Valentine's raspberry cheesecake white chocolate truffles from Target for $5.69.
    • Sweethearts Original Valentine's heart-shaped candy box for 79 cents.
    • Blank coupon book from Amazon for $8.29.
  3. Gifts for both or either of you:

    • Love talk conversation deck and sex talk conversation deck from Uncommon Goods for $24 each.
    • LEGO Icons succulents plants and flowers Valentine décor set from Target for $41.99.
    • "Knock Knock What I Love About You" book from Amazon for $9.95.
    • Romantic cereal bowl with a personalized message from PersonalizationMall for $13.99.

These are just a few examples of affordable Valentine's Day gift ideas mentioned in the article. Remember, the thought and effort put into a gift are often more important than the price tag. It's the gesture that counts!

Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.

20 affordable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for that special someone - WTOP News (2024)
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