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How to make Valentine’s box andValentine holders with your kids for home or school. These 19 creative Valentine box ideas includeenvelopes, mailboxes, and even a Valentine monster.

Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to do with kids, need a cute Valentine’s Day box to put your candy in, or just want to put a smile on your sweetheart’s face, here are 19 ideas that you’ll enjoy.

These Valentine’s box ideas are easy to make (DIY), so your made-from-scratch gift will be a surprise worth waiting for. You don’t have to be crafty to do these simple DIY Valentine’s box ideas.

Tip Junkie has 300Valentine’s Day tutorials all with pictured tutorials to learn or how to make. You can always search there if you’re looking for more Valentine patternswith step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Valentines Day Box Ideas for School

These do-it-yourself valentines box ideas are like a portable love station. These free DIY ideas will help you decide what to put in your box, and how to make this a truly special Valentine’s day.

1. Hot Air Balloon Valentine Basket~Up, up, and away with this adorable DIY hot air balloon valentine basket. The basket is perfect for holding the cards.

2. Fox Valentine Box~ Transform a tissue box into an adorable fox Valentine holder using scrapbook paper and Elmers glue.

3. Ruffle Cake Valentine Box ~ Crepe paper isn’t just for party decor! Layer it in rows to make gorgeous ruffles.

4. Owl Valentines Box~ This owl Valentines’ box is absolutely darling. Made from a Costco fruit snacks box and construction paper.

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Easy Valentine Holders

Let your Valentine know you love her with a homemade candy holder. You can make any of these Valentine Box ideas in any shape you’d like. Click any link below to discover how.

5. Robot Valentine Holder~ So stink in’ cute! I *heart* this lovebot box. This cutie uses two boxes, paper towel dowels, silver paint and pipe cleaners. This would also be adorable as a centerpiece.

6. Bucket Valentine Card Holder ~ A simple pail is perfect for holding a bucket full of love notes. Use your silhouette or cricut to add vinyl lettering. They can be reused year after year! {{wink}}

7. Minion Valentine Holder~ Minions are the perfect Valentine box for Despicable Me fans! How adorable is this purple version?! It’s made from a large plastic container, craft foam and Easter grass.

Boy Valentine Boxes for Preschool

These tutorials for DIY Valentine boxes are perfect for preschoolers and a Kindergarten school party. They double as preschool crafts!

8. Ninja Valentine Box~ Empty boxes are quickly transformed into a Ninja warrior using black kraft paper.

9. Captain America Valentine Box~This Captain America Valentine Box is patriotic inside and out. An empty box and construction paper are used to make the super hero shield.

10. Super Hero Valentine Box ~ POW! Your little superhero will rock their valentine box.

11.Yellow Submarine Valentine Box~ Give an empty oatmeal container a new purpose with this submarine valentine box.

Monster Valentine Box

If you’re looking for valentine box ideas for boys then these monster valentine boxes are perfect!! They are super easy to make so your son definitely join in making this easy craft.

12. Robot Monster Valentine Box ~The boys are gonna love this one! Spray paint an old box or cover it with construction paint. Cardboard heart feet and toilet paper dowels for the arms. The styrofoam googly eyes are fantastic.

13. 3-Eyed Monster Box ~ Let your child use their imagination to create their own monster box.

DIY Valentines Box Ideas for Home

It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s day is almost here. Find out what’s trending in DIY valentines boxes and get inspired to create your own. A few easy DIY Valentine’s Day box ideas for the whole family.

DIY Valentine Envelopes

14.Valentine Chairback Tutorial~ Look at how adorable these Valentine chairbacks are! The perfect place to store Valentine’s love notes. Follow this detailed step-by-step tutorial to create your own.

15. DIY Felt Valentine Envelopes {Homemade Valentine Boxes} ~Instead of a cardboard box that will be heavy to carry to and from school, make this cute DIY Felt Valentine Envelope for your child to collect all of his cards and treats from friends this Valentine’s Day. With a little hot glue and some scissors, you can create a no-sew envelope of your own.

16. DIY Valentine Canvas Envelope ~I love this more substantial take on a valentine. You can fill the canvas envelope with little goodies and/or a love note. These would be so fun to pass out at a classroom party or to give to your own kids as a little something “special”. A pictured tutorial shows you how to sew your own easy envelopes.

Homemade Valentine Mailboxes

17. Valentine Candlestick Mailbox ~Cute, easy and Inexpensive! What could be better in a craft? A tin mailbox attached to a candlestick for the base. The results are super cute and fun for Valentine’s holiday.

18. You’ve Got Mailbox~ You’ve got mail! How darling and fun is this mailbox Valentine holder? Not only does it have a slot to put the cards in, but also a red flag to raise when the cards are put in.

19. Felt Valentine Mailbox {free pattern} ~ Your preschooler may not be able to help that much with this felt valentine mailbox, but it was too cute not to include it. Mom can sew it using the free pattern and your children can put it to good use. It’s so cute you can keep it out year-round so your child can have lots of playtime with it. How cute would it be for Christmas and they can put their letter to Santa in it?!

Be sure to check out the Tip Junkie Valentine’s Day site for decorations, party ideas, free printable Valentines, and kids craft ideas.

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19 Easy Valentine Boxes That You Can Make! – Tip Junkie (9)

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Valentine's Day Box Ideas

Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity to engage in creative activities with kids, whether at home or in school. Here are some creative Valentine's box ideas that you can explore:

  1. Hot Air Balloon Valentine Basket: Create an adorable DIY hot air balloon valentine basket perfect for holding cards.

  2. Fox Valentine Box: Transform a tissue box into an adorable fox Valentine holder using scrapbook paper and Elmers glue.

  3. Ruffle Cake Valentine Box: Use crepe paper to create gorgeous ruffles for a unique Valentine box.

  4. Owl Valentines Box: Make an owl Valentine's box using a Costco fruit snacks box and construction paper.

  5. Robot Valentine Holder: Craft a cute lovebot box using two boxes, paper towel dowels, silver paint, and pipe cleaners.

  6. Bucket Valentine Card Holder: Use a simple pail to hold a bucket full of love notes, and add vinyl lettering for a personalized touch.

  7. Minion Valentine Holder: Create a Minions-themed Valentine box using a large plastic container, craft foam, and Easter grass.

  8. Ninja Valentine Box: Transform empty boxes into a Ninja warrior using black kraft paper.

  9. Captain America Valentine Box: Make a patriotic Captain America Valentine Box using an empty box and construction paper.

  10. Super Hero Valentine Box: Craft a superhero-themed Valentine box for your little one.

  11. Yellow Submarine Valentine Box: Repurpose an empty oatmeal container to create a submarine-themed Valentine box.

  12. Robot Monster Valentine Box: Spray paint an old box or cover it with construction paint to create a robot monster Valentine box.

  13. 3-Eyed Monster Box: Let your child use their imagination to create their own monster box.

  14. Valentine Chairback Tutorial: Create adorable Valentine chairbacks to store love notes.

  15. DIY Felt Valentine Envelopes: Make cute DIY Felt Valentine Envelopes for collecting cards and treats.

  16. DIY Valentine Canvas Envelope: Sew your own easy envelopes for Valentine's Day.

  17. Valentine Candlestick Mailbox: Craft a tin mailbox attached to a candlestick for a cute and fun Valentine's holder.

  18. You’ve Got Mailbox: Create a darling mailbox Valentine holder with a slot for cards and a red flag.

  19. Felt Valentine Mailbox: Sew a felt valentine mailbox using a free pattern for a cute and reusable Valentine holder.

These ideas cater to various themes and skill levels, making them perfect for engaging kids in a fun and creative activity for Valentine's Day.

For more inspiration and detailed tutorials, you can explore the resources available on Tip Junkie, which offers a wide range of Valentine's Day tutorials with step-by-step instructions.

I hope these ideas inspire you to create memorable Valentine's Day boxes with your kids!

19 Easy Valentine Boxes That You Can Make! – Tip Junkie (2024)
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