18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (2024)

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Updated on 03/14/21

18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (1)

Easter doesn't feel complete without some bunny fun around the house. You can get your house ready for the holiday with cute DIY Easter bunny decor, crafts, and snacks to celebrate Easter. These bunny projects are perfect for before or after Easter egg hunt activities.

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    Giant Origami Bunnies

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (2)

    If you love doing origami, then these big bunnies are the perfect project for Easter. Decorate for your family's Easter egg hunt with some giant origami bunnies dreamed up by Oh Happy Day.Once the hunt is over, make sure to gather the paper bunnies together, as they make great Easter photo props.

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    Color-Blocked Bunny Vase

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (3)

    Showcase some spring flowers in your own DIY bunny vase, fromA Kailo Chic Life. Thisamazing little centerpiece for your table is simple to make. Supplies include slim test tubes inserted as bud vases into the bunny's paper back. Any spring flower will do to brighten your Easter.

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    Easter Bunny Banner

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (4)

    Use some of the extra fabric scraps from your last sewing project to make this festive bunny banner fromDream a Little Biggerto hang on a wall thisspring. The bunny is made from soft white felt.

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    Bunny Bunting

    This sweet Easter bunny banner fromMy Poppetis perfect for families looking to decorate their home for young children, and, best of all, it is quick to make. Just print out the bunny face template, and cut out the shapes. Then punch holes at the top of the bunny ears to string together for your banner.

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    Mini Bunny Cake

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (6)

    Surprise everyone at your Easter brunch with thisamazing Easter bunny cake from Tell Love and Party.DIY some bunny-ear cake toppers to easily turn a loaf cake into a festival holiday treat. One thing you can't forget: the made-from-scratch coconut-covered bunny tail (or use coconut ball cookies if time is short).

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    Free Printable Bunny Gift Tag

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (7)

    Enhance regular potted tulips into an Easter-themed gift by making this bunny gift tag, from In My Own Style, out of paper and chalk. You can tie it around the potted plant with the gift recipient's name. It's the perfect last-minute gift to thank the hostess for the Easter brunch you are attending.

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    Bunny Cupcake Stand

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (8)

    Create the perfect centerpiece for your table by gluing a plate onto a bunny figurine. Buy a plate and bunny in the same color or different colors for a springtime splash of color on your table. This cupcake stand from A Bubbly Life is all white, featuring a bunny statue bought from a craft store glued to a thrifted white plate. The result is a perfect platter for showcasing your decorated Easter eggs.

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    Bunny Foldover Clutch

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (9)

    Complete your Easter brunch outfit with this amazing foldover clutch, from She's Got the Notion. It's decorated with a bunny face on the center that you can sew together easily and quickly. If you have a child who loves Easter gifts but may have outgrown an Easter basket, this is the perfect alternative, stuffed with Easter goodies and gifts, of course.

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    Easter Treat Bags

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (10)

    As an easy party favor for your Easter brunch, send all your guests home with one of thesemini treat bags, from Tell Love and Party. Make them with scraps of fabric leftover for other projects. They are each decorated with an adhesive fabric bunny silhouette. Fill them with candies for a lovely parting gift.

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    Figurine Cake Dome

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (11)

    Cover your homemade cake until it's time for dessert at your Easter feast with this festive bunny cake dome from Sugar and Cloth. It takes about five minutes to make this gourmet cookie dome. Grab a matching bowl and plate, and then super glue on a tiny bunny figurine for the handle. There's no need to paint anything if you coordinate the colors.

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    Bunny Chalk

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (12)

    Instead of only giving your kids candy for Easter, give them a gift that will encourage their creativity. This Easter bunny chalk from A Bubbly Life is easy and fun to DIY.The main tool you'll need for this project is a silicone candy mold with bunny shapes.

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    Mini Easter Baskets

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (13)

    Make mini baskets or enhance your homemade cupcakes with these adorable polka dot bunny wrappers from Molly Mell. They are complete with fuzzy cottontails, made outof mini pom-poms. You'll need a bunch of mini paper cups and lots of little candies.

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    Vintage Bunny Iron-On T-Shirt

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (14)

    Do you need something to wear for the local Easter egg hunt? Or do you want to give a teen something Eastery and fun that isn't too young and sweet? If so, create this iron-on T-shirt from Alice and Lois. It's easier to make than it looks, thanks to the provided printable bunny iron-on template.

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    Easter Bunny Card

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (15)

    Getting a card in the mail is always a happy surprise. This Easter, mail all your out-of-town family this Easter bunny greeting card from Passion Shake. You can make the printable design in minutes. Leave the card black and white, print on colored paper, or decorate the card in springtime hues.

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    Handmade Bunny Purse

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (16)

    Instead of astandard Easter basket, sew your child this cute and cuddly DIY Easter bunny bag from Alice and Lois.They can carry it over their shoulder while they search around the house for Easter eggs. Or give this purse as an alternative to a basket for that little girl that's itching to grow up.

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    Burlap Easter Flag

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (17)

    Decorate your front walkway or around your yard with these beautiful burlap bunny yard flags from Crafts Unleashed. Use them to line your front walkway or to mark the bounds of the Easter egg hunt in your backyard. After the festivities, create a spring vignette on the wall of your porch or entryway with this flag and a spring wreath. Or stick a flag into a potted plant where it'll be protected from the weather.

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    Bunny Bath Bombs

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (18)

    The teenagers and adults in your family will love these cute bunny bath bombs from A Pumpkin and a Princess. Make them in a silicone bunny candy mold. Infuse them with lemon essential oils or another springtime favorite. They also make the perfect gift to put in a guest room or guest bathroom for overnight Easter visitors.

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    Clay Bunny Bowl

    18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (19)

    For a fun activity with the kids, teach them how to make thisbunny bowl from Alice and Lois by shaping air-dry clay into a simple decorative bowl. All you need is a dab of ink from a permanent marker to make the cute faces. Use these precious bowls to hold jewelry or other non-food items.

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Now, let's discuss the concepts mentioned in the article about DIY Easter crafts.

DIY Easter Crafts

The article provides a collection of DIY Easter crafts and decor ideas to celebrate the holiday. Here are some of the concepts mentioned:

  1. Giant Origami Bunnies: These are large origami bunnies that can be used as Easter decorations or photo props. They are created using paper folding techniques.

  2. Color-Blocked Bunny Vase: This is a DIY bunny vase made by inserting slim test tubes into a bunny-shaped paper back. It can be used to showcase spring flowers.

  3. Easter Bunny Banner: This is a festive bunny banner made from fabric scraps. The banner can be hung on a wall for decoration.

  4. Bunny Bunting: This is a bunny-shaped banner that can be quickly made by printing out a bunny face template and stringing the shapes together.

  5. Mini Bunny Cake: This is an Easter bunny-themed cake that can be made using loaf cake and bunny-ear cake toppers. It can be a delightful treat for Easter brunch.

  6. Free Printable Bunny Gift Tag: This is a bunny-shaped gift tag made from paper and chalk. It can be tied around potted tulips or other gifts as an Easter-themed decoration.

  7. Bunny Cupcake Stand: This is a cupcake stand made by gluing a plate onto a bunny figurine. It can be used as a centerpiece for the table and is perfect for showcasing decorated Easter eggs.

  8. Bunny Foldover Clutch: This is a foldover clutch decorated with a bunny face. It can be sewn together easily and quickly and can be used as an alternative to an Easter basket.

  9. Easter Treat Bags: These are mini treat bags made with fabric scraps and decorated with adhesive fabric bunny silhouettes. They can be filled with candies as party favors.

  10. Figurine Cake Dome: This is a festive bunny cake dome made by super gluing a tiny bunny figurine onto a matching bowl and plate. It can be used to cover homemade cakes until it's time for dessert.

  11. Bunny Chalk: This is bunny-shaped chalk made using a silicone candy mold with bunny shapes. It can be a creative Easter gift for kids [[11]].

  12. Mini Easter Baskets: These are mini baskets or bunny wrappers made from mini paper cups and decorated with polka dots and fuzzy cottontails. They can be used to enhance homemade cupcakes [[12]].

  13. Vintage Bunny Iron-On T-Shirt: This is an iron-on T-shirt with a bunny design. It can be a fun Easter-themed outfit for the local Easter egg hunt or as a gift for teens [[13]].

  14. Easter Bunny Card: This is a printable Easter bunny greeting card that can be sent to out-of-town family members. It can be customized by printing on colored paper or decorating with springtime hues [[14]].

  15. Handmade Bunny Purse: This is a DIY Easter bunny bag that can be sewn and used by children to carry while searching for Easter eggs. It can be an alternative to a traditional Easter basket [[15]].

  16. Burlap Easter Flag: This is a burlap bunny yard flag that can be used to decorate the front walkway or mark the bounds of an Easter egg hunt. It can also be used as part of a spring vignette or stuck into a potted plant [[16]].

  17. Bunny Bath Bombs: These are cute bunny-shaped bath bombs made using a silicone bunny candy mold. They can be infused with lemon essential oils or other springtime scents and make great gifts [[17]].

  18. Clay Bunny Bowl: This is a decorative bowl made from air-dry clay shaped into a bunny. The cute faces can be added using a permanent marker. The bowls can be used to hold jewelry or other non-food items [[18]].

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18 Easter Bunny-Inspired DIY Ideas, From Decor to Snacks (2024)
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